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Ron Phillips,
Director, New Zealand

Ron Phillips, Stalker representative in NZ and Asia

Retired Inspector New Zealand Police Department NZPD

Before becoming Stalker's direct representative for NZ, South East Asia, India and the Pacific region, Ron developed an extensive background of 41 years in the Police Enforcement environment - the last 20 years specialising in Calibration of Traffic Enforcement Devices.

During this time Ron invented the following equipment which is utilised globally: 

  • Laser strobing for speedometer testing on rolling roads for any wheel size
  • Photo radar phase shift speed simulator for calibrating speed cameras
  • External mounted speed display boards for confirmation of speed taken by photo radar
  • 5th wheel induction take off for calibration vehicle speedometer readings
  • Computerised software to automatically calibrate radars, speed cameras and red light camera’s
  • Microwave link between laser operator and calibration vehicle to confirm true speed
  • Mobile rolling road trailer for calibrating motorcycle  speedometer
  • Red-light camera bench test simulator for  laboratory testing

Ron has presented scientific papers on traceability to international conferences and is well recognised as a leader in speed calibration. He did not have any defended speed matter lost in defended hearings over equipment during his 25 years as Inspector in charge of speed, alcohol, red light cameras and weighing devices: that equates to over 12.5 million offences.

During his career he became known as "Inspector Gadget". Give him an idea he will produce the device and outcome expected. His monthly column in a staff magazine "From Gyro's Lab" (a name taken from Gyro Gearloose, the Disney inventor) featured upcoming products, training matters and other useful tips to keep Police staff informed.


Romdoul Sin (Bong)
Director, Cambodia

Romdoul Sin (Bong)

BA English

Coming from a background in the Tourism Industry in Cambodia and now owner/operating Bongs Coffee the retail food and refreshment division of KNZTC, Romdoul Sin joined the Road Safety side of KNZTC as Ron’s Godson to take over in the future.

Bong actively been involved in speed measurement, attending all trade shows at which KNZTC has had a stall. He has also conducted practical radar and laser training sessions for member of Police and industrial companies in Asia.

Bong has a wide knowledge of the products we sell and will eventually take over the KNZTC group of companies.

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