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Hire and Lease Options

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Hire of speed measurement devices short term 4 days or more

  • Long-term rentals are available from 60 days to 1 year.

  • These are easy devices to use, training can be provided by a simple 10-minute PowerPoint presentation.

  • Safe to use 12-volt battery pack operation.

Sports and Promotional Events


We can help you with events that require the speed measurement of fast moving objects such as cricket balls, tennis, golf, motor sports, baseball or any speed measurement on land or water  - we have the correct equipment to measure speed for you.

Speedball Hire, India, NZ, SE Asia

How fast is that ball going? What's the speed of that serve? A speed ball camera can bring a lot of fun to your next sporting or corporate event, as well as being an invaluable training tool for coaching cricket, tennis and any other sport where ball speed is an important factor....Read more

Occupational Health and Safety Products

Do you have a speeding driver problem around your private road system, on your building site or, it may be inside the factory or warehouse from fork lifts or trucks?...Read more

Acura Speed Awareness Trailer

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